To the referees of CalNorth (CYSA North) District 2

Things that were once useful and innovative reach the day when they are no longer either. Such is the fate of this site. Because of reorganizations and the march of technology, is no longer needed. For the functions previously served by this site, other sites now contain newer and/or authoritative information.

If you need to know the procedure for submitting a misconduct (send-off or Red Card) report for CCSL or CalNorth Premier games, please refer to the instructions that can be found at

Instructions and information related to becoming a referee, registering as a referee, or upgrading can be found at Contact information for the CNRA South Region, of which District 2 is a part, can be found at

If you are a referee who is interested in finding resources and clinics in addition to what CNRA has to offer, please check out the San Jose Soccer Referee Association website at

Any questions specific to referees and CalNorth (CYSA North) can be directed to the DYRA, Scott Riegelhaupt-Herzig at, 408-806-2797 CalNorth (CYSA North) information can be found at

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