Referee's Send Off Report Form

for all CCSL and District II Competitions


Referee Send Off Procedures

Please enter your Send Off Report online as soon as possible and within 24 HOURS of the match. You should contact the referee assignor of the League in which the Send Off was given and report the incident.

  1. Check in teams with CCSL game card make sure you have name, jersey number and registration number for all players and team officials
  2. If there is a sendoff in the match, note on the game card time, offense and player information.
  3. Do not take the player pass.
  4. Enter game scores and get coaches signatures on game card.
  5. Go to GotSoccer Send Off Report System.
  6. Enter your User Name and Password, and click Login.
  7. Under Referee Scoring & Game Report Access enter CCSL Event ID #, Event PIN #, and click Go.
  8. On the next page enter Game #, and click Go.
  9. In the box next to the red R click INFORMATION MISSING.
  10. Select player from team roster drop down, then select violation from drop down.
  11. Enter referees report in notes box and click Add
  12. Click View Game Report.
  13. List referees on game with emails and any other related information.
  14. Click Submit report.

Game Incident Reports

If your game is abandoned, terminated early or you have any other incident that should be reported to your CCSL Referee Administrator, please log in to the system as above and submit the details on the Game Report.

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