Clinic Schedule

Entry-level clinics allow candidates to become certified as USSF referees. There are two types of entry-level clinics offered within District II: Grade 8 Referee and Indoor/Futsal Referee.

Associations, leagues, and clubs within District II must use the CNRA Registration, Learning and Course Management system to request request Instructors, instructional materials, coordinate facilities and schedule a clinic.

For assistance with the system, please contact the District II Director of Instruction, Brad Kinne, at

USSF Grade 8 Referee

The Grade 8 clinic consists of a total of eighteen (18) hours of instruction. Upon successful completion of the course that includes a passing score on a written test, candidates may register as Grade 8 Referees with the United States Soccer Federation for a registration fee.

Grade 8 Clinic Schedule

View available Grade 8 Referee classes at CNRA's Course Management system.

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