In-service Clinics

In-service clinics help referees to meet their annual renewal requirements for instruction. Topics at in-service clinics include annual changes to the Laws of the Game, physical fitness and training, and lively discussion over the interpretation of the Laws. District 2 also holds Fitness Tests, where referees can take the USSF physical fitness test in order to renew or upgrade their license according to the USSF fitness requirements.

The Referee Academy 2012-13

Referee Academy CNRA presents a brand new program utilizing top-level referees, instructors, assignors and assessors.

Our goal is to help referees at all levels improve.

2013 State Session Training Schedule

By invitation only, from the Director of the Development Academy.

You must have completed the two monthly area sessions preceding the upcoming state session.

District II Referee Academy Sessions for April 2013

Due to the large size of our district, District II will offer three separate series in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, and Monterey County. You must attend ONE of the classroom sessions and ONE of the field sessions to complete the full Academy requirements for each month, but you can attend these at different areas if your schedule requires it. Also, referees not wishing to participate in the entire Academy series are still welcome at any District session.

District II Referee Academy Sessions for May 2013

Any questions? Email:

Current In-service Clinics

None currently scheduled.

Current Fitness Tests

Fitness and Written tests for Grades 5-8 offered. Fitness Test is required only for those upgrading to, or maintaining their current, Grade 5 or 6.

Dates and Times

Third Sunday of the month through December, 2013.

Check in and warm up 15 minutes before start time.


West Valley College

Map and Directions
Parking fees and restrictions.

RSVP Required

Sessions without signups will be cancelled, so it is important to sign up in advance. RSVP by sending email to prior to the event. Include the following information in your RSVP:

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